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Display 370” images with up to 10,000+ lumens

Catch Their Attention

In order for schools to address the constant challenge of projecting in lecture halls, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms, and large venues, a more powerful display tool is required; big screen, high brightness projectors are the solution. Teachers and students will maintain their focus thanks to text and imagery that is large enough to decipher from anywhere in the room, while installers will appreciate not having to deal with frustrating installation and setup.

ViewSonic high brightness projectors deliver a high lumen, high resolution big screen experience capable of projecting clear imagery in rooms with high ambient light. Flexible installation options make for easy adjustment, maintenance, and integration.

  • Up to 370” projection
  • Range from 4,000 – 10,000+ lumen
  • Optional HDMI-alternative extended signal-transmitted solution, bundled with HDBT kit “HB10B”