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Interactive, collaborative, engaging, and fun

Create an Interactive and Engaging Classroom Environment

Viewsonic’s digital whiteboard, the ViewBoard, has a wide array of tools for use during lessons to help teachers create a more interactive, engaging, and collaborative environment in their classrooms. Annotation functionality is also designed for touch, making its usage intuitive for both teachers and students alike; simply launch the function to start writing, capturing, and saving important notes and insights. Teachers are also able to annotate while using one of ViewBoards many educational templates, which are equipped with interactive tools tailored to subjects such as science, math, English and more.

Promote a Collaborative Classroom Environment

Wireless mirroring allows teachers and students to mirror content from mobile devices to the ViewBoard panel to encourage whole-class interactions. Simultaneously mirroring multiple devices onto the screen at the same time encourages students to problem solve together and to more effectively share thoughts and ideas. Students can use their connected mobile device to send, receive, and interact with digital lesson content, using either Windows™, Mac OS™, iOS™, Chrome OS™, or Android™, ensuring that everyone is able to participate.

“…students are able to annotate and write on the screen for brainstorm…” by Alice Keeler

A Solution Built for Teachers

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