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ViewBoard can help you create more interesting lessons

ViewSonic ViewBoard for education makes it easy to deliver more engaging and collaborative lessons through the use of its dynamic teaching tools.

Templates and Toolbars

Teachers can access an array of course-oriented templates, subject-specific modes, customizable backgrounds, and even import documents or media files to make lessons fun and exciting. A simplified toolbar allows teachers to add emphasis to content in real-time by making on-screen highlights, notes, and annotations directly onto the ViewBoard.

Creating and Recording

Tools such as Mind Map and Countdown Timer are helpful for creating, organizing, and presenting engaging lesson content, such as timelines, games, or quizzes. ViewBoard also allows teachers to pre-record lessons and record live during class to save insightful on-screen annotations, macros, media files, and audio using ViewSonic’s exclusive record function. This type of functionality makes ViewBoard an ideal solution for flipped classrooms, distance learning, make-up for absences, test prep, or general review.

Saving and Sharing

Sharing content is made simple with ViewBoard’s exclusive Direct to Google Drive Save function, which allows you to share content in Google Classrooms in one simple tap. Using Direct to Google Drive Save ensures that material is saved and accessible for review in the future on all your G-Suite compatible devices. ViewBoard’s versatile software and media compatibility makes it the ideal solution for incorporating technology into the learning environment.

A Solution Built for Teachers

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