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Improve comprehension and create a collaborative learning environment

ViewBoard’s interactive flat panel display is exceptionally smooth and responsive whether you are writing, pinching, zooming or swiping.

Annotations and Collaboration

Making annotations during lessons also transforms the traditional teacher-centric classroom into an interactive learning environment. ViewBoard allows teachers and students to jointly share and discuss ideas and practice team-based activities, while incorporating digital media and more to create dynamic classrooms. Teachers can now instantly turn anything being displayed on their PC/laptop into interactive lesson content.

Intuitive Touch Panel

Whether using your finger or a stylus, ViewBoard’s touch panel offers a natural and precise handwriting experience, and even offers a writing correction function to clarify messy writing. The panel’s multi-touch functionality makes multi-person interactions on the board simple and intuitive. Thanks to ViewBoard’s high-definition display that supports whole-class interactions and up to 20 unique touches, technology and collaborative learning have never been so effective.

A Solution Built for Teachers

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