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Develop an engaging lesson plan in a creative way

Prepare Your Lessons More Efficiently

Create lesson plans on the same platform you’re comfortable with. ViewSonic’s digital whiteboard, the ViewBoard, is software agnostic, ensuring that content created on your laptop or PC will be replicated with the same interface on ViewBoard. ViewBoard annotation software helps you include supplementary information that will maximize your lesson’s impact. Preparing and presenting on the same interface ensures that your content will maintain continuity from beginning to end and gives you the flexibility to develop course materials anywhere.

Preparing a More Dynamic Lesson

With a wide array of ViewBoard tools to choose from, teachers now have the ability to appeal to the visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic learners in their classroom by creating lessons that are more dynamic. ViewBoard allows teachers to add valuable insights into their lessons by integrating web, video, and photo resources directly from their laptop or PC. ViewBoard also has templates that can be customized to include subject-specific modes spanning English, math, chemistry, physics, sports, music, and more. Tools like Mind Map help teachers organize lessons more systematically by allowing them to align the flow of their lessons to match their class’ needs. Teachers are also able to incorporate Countdown Timer into their planning as an effective tool for preparing, creating, and managing timed content, such as quizzes and games.

A Solution Built for Teachers

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