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ViewBoard 2.1 Annotation Software

Teaching whiteboard

Working on Windows OS, ViewBoard 2.1 is an advanced education-oriented annotation app that includes subject templates, multimedia support, screen recording, and many other effective teaching tools. In Google-based classrooms, multiple users can share and save any of their ViewBoard 2.1 content with ease.

User-Friendly Interface

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, this software lets you write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time. What’s more, a simple two-finger hot key provides instant and easy access to the toolbar.

Google Drive Cloud Save

In addition to the one-click Google drive integration that is available in the embedded OS; our touch display also offers cloud integration in ViewBoard 2.1 once users install a cloud storage of their preference. A proprietary Google Drive save feature lets teachers save content, such as documents and images, directly to the Google Drive cloud. The saved content can then be easily shared in a Google-based classroom.

Support for All Major Document and Media Types

This software supports nearly any document or media file available on your interactive display. You can open and annotate on Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF files, web browser, images (.jpeg, .gif, .bmp, etc.), and a variety of sound and movie files (.wav, .wmv, mpeg, .mov, etc.).

20-Point Touch

By featuring support for your interactive display’s multi-touch capabilities, ViewBoard 2.1 allows multiple users to simultaneously annotate on the display. This increases engagement and encourages group collaboration.

Convenient and Practical Presentation Tools and Desktop Overlay Mode

With multiple pen modes and color options, magnify and spotlight features, writing board, and more, this software makes office presentations, classroom learning, and distance education more productive, interactive, and efficient.

Screen Camera & Screen Recording

With the built-in screen camera feature, ViewBoard for Education lets you record activities and presentations on your interactive display, including speech* and annotations over any application. Save and playback features enable easy sharing of presentations as well.

A Teaching Preparation Kit

A variety of editing tools lets you to prepare the interactive and creative teaching material for classroom collaboration. Besides, using the animation setting to make each slide more vividly.

Mind Map

Organize your presentations with into a visualized multimedia timeline or chronology of events introduction with micro/macro perspective. Add embedded hyperlinks to include more online content (website, file, text, audio, etc.). Using the mind map to organize your presentations with visualized multimedia timeline and embedded hyper link with rich context.

Automatic Handwriting Recognition

ViewBoard for Education features user-friendly handwriting recognition that reads and recognizes nearly everything written on-screen with your fingers or stylus.

Classroom Subject Modes

Integrated teaching templates allow educators to create diverse and fun lesson plans for specific subjects, including English, math, chemistry, and physics.

Customized Background Theme

Choose between a selection of background themes or create your own to give presentations a personalized touch.

Countdown Timer

ViewBoard for Education includes a handy countdown timer that makes it easy for instructors to time quizzes, student presentations, or lesson segments. The timer can be programmed to auto reset and/or play an alarm tone at the end of a countdown. Alarm ringtones can be customized with audio files or programmed to launch text, images, or web pages through edited hyperlinks.