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Microsoft Environment

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard works in conjunction with the Windows platform, featuring a diversified teaching tool-set.

The benefits of ViewSonic’s ViewBoard on the Windows Platform

Viewsonic has now made it possible to experience a perfectly balanced teaching solution by pairing Viewsonic’s digital whiteboard, the ViewBoard, with the Windows platform. This partnership allows users to utilize ViewBoard’s rich interactive display to make teaching a fun, engaging, and collaborative effort. ViewBoard, in conjunction with the latest Windows software, encourages a multi-tasking approach to teaching that enhances different types of learning, including project based learning, collaboration models, flipped classroom and more.

Imagine This Scenario

Take a glance into a biology class; students are focused on the ViewBoard at the front of the class that is vividly displaying movement under the teacher’s electronic microscope. The teacher pulls up a copy of data that was captured on the document camera for reference. This ongoing experiment keeps the class engaged and all the media recorded will be well organized along the way. Even absent students can take part by accessing video clips and more, all thanks to ViewBoard. After class, students utilize Microsoft One Note and One Drive to update and store their group observations; ViewBoard is able to synchronize and show the different groups’ discoveries together.

Windows for Education

Great Compatibility

ViewBoard allows you to utilize the Windows platform’s reliable compatibility with other devices such as printers, microscopes, cameras, and more. Even existing devices operating on the previous Windows 7/8 operating system are compatible with the latest Windows software, allowing ViewBoard to easily integrate with a range of devices to provide a diversified tool-set for teaching.

Rich Portfolios

Document, screen, and classroom recording are all applications that can be easily implemented to maximize classroom performance. In addition to presenting multimedia imagery, ViewBoard can record students’ reactions while simultaneously recording every piece of supplementary information the teacher jots down on the board. With 6-USB ports to support a variety of external devices, ViewBoard can accommodate for different teaching scenarios while seamlessly transitioning between them.

Beyond ViewBoard 2.1

Even if users decide not to adopt ViewBoard 2.1 as their interactive software, installing other Windows compatible software, or even building a proprietary system on Windows, are feasible options.

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