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Mac Environment

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard works in conjunction with the Mac platform, featuring familiar user experience.

Same Mac Multi-touch Gestures

In recent years Mac has become the preferred PC and Notebook brand for many users. These users have grown accustomed to the Mac interface and controls, but have yet to find a reliable display option for the classroom with the same compatibility. ViewSonic’s digital whiteboard, the ViewBoard, was specifically designed for group interaction and is compatible with the Mac operating systems for this reason. Now, a simple installation onto your Mac is all you need to get started with ViewBoard.

Imagine This Scenario

The professor of a graphic design class is demonstrating how to make a pop art portrait on Photoshop. She taps her MacBook Pro on and begins swiping, spreading, and pinching her fingers on the trackpad to point out some of the important details in her pop art example pieces. She comes up to the ViewBoard and circles a pattern on the big screen for students to discuss. The entire class is fixated on the ViewBoard at the front of the class, which thanks to its compatibility, has made the process of mirroring and displaying the teachers content much easier and more effective than before. Students experiment with using some of the different colors suggested for pop art creation, while also practicing some Mac specific gestures on their own trackpads.

Mac for Education

Tap, smart zoom, scroll, rotate, swipe, and more; the Mac platform takes pride in its exclusive multi-touch gestures control. ViewSonic’s premium flat panel display has taken this type of control one step further by allowing users to conduct all of the same multi-touch Mac platform gestures on the ViewBoard. Presenters who are accustomed to using Apple operating systems can now prepare their class materials with the peace of mind that no issues will be encountered along the way.

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