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Google Environment

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard works in conjunction with the Google platform, featuring Google Drive and Google interface.

One Touch to Google Drive

With just one touch, whatever you want to save can be saved directly to the Google Drive. Whether you are viewing a document, photo, graph, video, anything; ViewSonic’s digital whiteboard, the ViewBoard, offers a list of pop-up shortcuts that can be easily accessed to save files directly to Google Drive. During discussions, individuals can seamlessly toggle between different Google accounts to integrate and save content, while a simple connection to “cloud storage” allows access to your Google Drive.

Imagine This Scenario

The professor of a robotics class commends the class on how great their designs have turned out. He announces that the voting for “Best Robot Design” has come to a close and opens up Google G Suite. Using Google for Education’s voting feature, the top 3 designs are chosen. The three students with the highest ranking designs come up to the ViewBoard and login to their Google accounts to showcase their concepts saved in their Drive. As the students present their design concepts, the professor provides feedback on some possible improvements that could be made to their designs, which the students are able to highlight and update directly onto their designs and save again in Google Drive.

Google for Education

Every day, more and more educational institutions are choosing to adopt Google G Suite as a cutting-edge solution for the future of their schools. Users can now take this experience one step further by using ViewBoard with the Google platform to utilize a rich interactive display that makes teaching more fun, engaging, and collaborative. For teachers, this smart solution assists in managing classes from start to finish by allowing a wide array of functions including lesson planning and preparation, exam grading, and more. For students, ViewBoard with G Suite can be used to improve class performance by allowing access to course materials, assignments, score tracking, and other class insights. With the integration of this solution, teachers and students are able to take learning beyond the walls of a classroom. When ViewBoard and Google G Suite are paired with Google Drive, the combination becomes a tool for productivity and collaboration by enabling real-time management of individual Google G Suite and Google Drive class files on the same Google user interface.

“It’s so easy for me to put the resources into Google Classroom” by Alice Keeler.

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