Learning for Tomorrow in the Classroom of Today Pt.1

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Learning for Tomorrow in the Classroom of Today Pt.1

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Learning for Tomorrow in the Classroom of Today
by David Whyley

Learning for Tomorrow in the Classroom of Today

Choosing the right technology for your classrooms

“We need to find more Technology money for …?” is something that school leaders, school business managers and bursars regularly get asked. As soon as the technology budget is set, there seems to be a piece of new technology that demands ever-increasing resources. Cloud based computing, 1 to 1 devices, 3D printing and digital books are all current hot topics. Working out spending priorities can be a nightmare.

How to make sense of all this? Well visiting the ISTE or BETT, is essential, but also devising a three-year technology strategy linked to the aims of the school is key to effectively managing and funding technology developments.

It was all much simpler a few years ago – build a suite of computers, install an interactive whiteboard in each classroom, throw in a laptop or two and you could easily deliver the old curriculum expectations. Back then, pupils found using computers to be a novelty and were happy to just get the chance once a week to switch them on! Not any more – most pupils have a mobile phone which has more computing power than those old desktops and are used to using technology so frequently in their lives outside school it has become second nature for them. So how do schools respond to these changes and build a classroom of today that can provide learning fit for pupils to become confident “Digital Citizens” of Tomorrow?

Start with Teaching and Learning

The best way for school leaders to begin is with what they are experts in – what makes good or outstanding learning for them in their school? – then build the technology needed to deliver this. School leaders need to ask the simple question – what type of Technology enhanced teaching and learning do I want to observe in all classes in my school in three years’ time? Then work out a costed development to achieve that.

So, what might the magic ingredients be?

[Continued in Pt.2]