Future of EdTech – VR/AR, Robots and Online Classrooms

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The future of edtech is actually quite exciting! With new introductions of virtual and augmented reality, robots and online classrooms, what’s not to like? You will be surprised but this type of radical change and accelerated innovation in education [...]

Technology and Modern Learning Spaces in Finland

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The Finnish National Core Curriculum was renewed in 2014 and implemented into use in basic education schools in 2016-2017 as municipalities reformed their own curricula. The core curriculum is a normative document that sets overall guidelines in otherwise very [...]

Financial Incentives for Underperforming Students

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By Leon Hady A study took place across a selection of schools in the UK that investigated the effects of providing financial incentives for positive performance by looking at improved school work, attendance and behaviour of underperforming students.   I [...]

Coding in Education: A Finnish Perspective

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Coding in education: a Finnish perspective by Dr. Keijo Sipilä   Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to the idea of an era in which technology, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality or robotics, is diminishing the lines of digital, physical and [...]